Fabric Folding Pen

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The Fabric Folding Pen is like a felt tip pen that is filled with what amounts to be a very unique fabric softener.

Just remove the cap and with the felt tip trace either a straight or curved wet bead line on your fabric.

The fluid from the pen causes the fabric fibers to relax at the point of application.

Now you can fold along that specific line with ease and either finger press or iron to form a sharp, lasting edge.

The pieces of your project can now be assembled easily and precisely and they will look great!

What does it do? - The applications are endless and make fabric manipulation quick, easy and precise.

English Paper Piecing can now be done without all of the stitches. Wow, what a time saver.

Let's you form all of your shapes quickly and easily and get on to the fun part of creating your finished product.

Any crease or hem you want to form can be made very quickly with our without an iron.

Use a straight edge to lay down the wet bead line and then simply fold over and finger press or iron. 

Have a crease in your fabric that is stubborn and won't press out. Use this pen and watch it unfold!

What do you do when the pen fluid is used up?

No worries, they're refillable. Mix a few drops of fluid concentrate with tap water and you're good to go.

The fluid is unaffected by ironing.

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